1st blog wassup :))

July 10, 2020


FIRST THINGS FIRST- a proper intro- –

I’m Casey! I’m 27 years old and I’m 1/2 faces behind this photog biz.

I’ve pretty much always had a camera in my hands from the time I was young. From my disposable cameras and film to my teeny, tiny Canon PowerShot that accompanied me to many college parties. As it was in my hands you better believe it was in front of my friends’ faces always-documenting belly laughs and the best of times. As time grew, so did advances in technology, and I started to fill up my shelves with more cameras.

I just wanted to photograph anything and everything I could. Even if no one cared one bit. I just wanted to photograph beautiful things.

Over the years, I did a really good job of telling myself I wasn’t cut out to do photography professionally.

I told myself that I was too busy. Throughout college, I was working several jobs just to get by. There was no way that I had that kind of time between assignments, exams, waiting tables, and being a young adult maintaining a social life.

I told myself that I didn’t have the resources or money. Equipment is expensive as hell, and I was a broke college kid.

I told myself that no one would trust in me compared to other seasoned vets in the industry. These people knew what they were doing. How would I stand out in a sea of talent? Who was I to step onto their turf?

I told myself that I wasn’t worthy. Don’t you love this one? I wasn’t worthy of pursuing photography. I wasn’t worthy of the joy that came with it. Definitely not the success.

I literally spoon fed these lies to myself for so long.

So you may be wondering what changed all of that- and as cliche as it sounds- a man who loves me well changed that. A man who believes in me, encourages me, and lifts me. Joel was the one who came into my life and helped me to see parts of myself that I couldn’t.

He was the one.

He was the one who believed in me-who believed in us.

I was in an un-paid internship in grad school in spring of last year and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to take the leap. So we decided we wanted to go in business TOGETHER- to do it hand in hand.

From the beginning of last year when we officially announced to now, we’ve learned SO much. We’ve stumbled along the way and thank goodness. Thank goodness for those moments because that’s where we grow, stretch, and expand. That’s how we do better.

And thank goodness for this man who encouraged me to quit giving into those lies and start living out my truth.

Dear heart, why do you run from the things that give you a pulse

Don’t fear what makes you feel,

-Butterflies Rising